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NEW- 'The Monday Bad Medicine Club'

Introducing an new feature to our online store, 'The Monday Bad Medicine Club!' Every Monday night, we'll be featuring some our favourite drink recipes! As you may have guessed, they are predominately Whiskey or Rum based! 

To get the party started, tonights feature is 'Whiskey'd & Smashed'! 

Your Monday Night just got deviously delicious! Enjoy!

Stuff what ya need:

1 Tablespoon of white sugar
Half a Lemon, quartered
2 Sprigs of fresh mint leaves
2 Ounces of Whiskey, ( We went with 'Ardbeg' Scotch Whiskey )

1 Cup of crushed ice

What you gotta do:

1) Put the lemon, sugar and mint into a cocktail shaker or if you haven't got one just use any large beaker with a lid, we used a Nutribullet one or any smoothie beaker will do! Mash this all together until the lemon has juiced and the sugar has dissolved to make a lemon, minty mushy mess in there! 

2) Now pour in 2 ounces of Whiskey, add the lid and shake hard for about 30 seconds!

3) Now your exhausted, chuck some crushed ice in the beaker or cocktail shaker and shake again for another 30 seconds or so.

4) Serve into a mug or glass, garnish with a mint leaf and forget Monday ever happened!

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The 101 Run 2023!

Monday Bad Medicine Club - Week #2

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