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Monday Bad Medicine Club Week #3

This one's a bit punchy!!! Soak your bones this Monday in this week's drink recipe 'Hawaiian Redneck!'

Stuff what you need:
2 oz Dark Rum
2 oz Southern Comfort
Crushed Ice

6 oz Pineapple Juice

What you need to do:

1. Fill your shaker (cocktail shaker or large beaker) with all the ingredients apart from Grenadine.
2. Shake it really hard for 30 seconds.
3. Pour into a 10 oz glass.
4. Add the Grenadine straight after you've poured into the glass to create a sunset effect.

5. Sit back and sip back. Forget your troubles!

We'd love to hear how you got on, post yours on Instagram and tag @slackjawapparel



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