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Monday Bad Medicine Club Week #4

Easy n' Sleazy! Fix yourself up with this weeks drink recipe 'Kentucky Mule'! We try and keep these simple as possible to save you buying loads of fancy ingredients so this one should be straight forward!

All ya need is:

Bourbon (obviously)
Fresh Lime Juice (Messy)
Ginger Beer

Crushed Ice

What ya gotta do:

Add 2 oz of bourbon and 4oz of lime juice to a high ball glass, one of our enamel mug sizes or a 10 oz glass of kind.

Note, you'll need to squeeze the lime juice from a fresh lime using a shot glass or spirit measure to get the 4oz! ( 25ml / a double shot is about 1oz )

Fill the glass with crushed ice and top with ginger beer and a sprig of fresh mint!

Fresh and zingy for your Monday night! Enjoy, tag yours on Instagram @slackjawapparel!


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The 101 Run 2023!

The 101 Run 2023!


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