Slackjaw X O’Donnell Loot Box Bundle III


Well what about this then!!!?

When it comes to Moonshine we know what we like. We’ve teamed up with O’Donnell Moonshiners to bring you a Loot Box Bundle with a difference. Not only can you save some cash and grab some Slackjaw swag, this new loot box also offers the choice of one of FIVE delicious Moonshines from the best around, O’Donnell!

Box includes:

1x Home of the Brave Tee

1x Old West II Bandana 

1x Faithful Dead Art Print

1 x 700ml O’Donnell Moonshine 

1x Pouring Lid

Flavours to chose from include:

"Tough Nut" Made with hazelnut & caramel with notes of nougat and chocolate

“Roasted Apple” Fruity and sweet apple With notes of almond, vanilla and cinnamon

"Bitter Rose" Grapefruit, rose hip and black elderberry, A sharp, citrusy moonshine

"Wild Berry" Made from a blend of summer fruits. Notes of blackberry, raspberries and currants.

"Sticky Toffee" The rich and smooth toffee flavour balances the tenacious intensity of our moonshine

Moonshine is Gluten Free & Vegan! Due to Covid -19 parameters, your Moonshine will be sent from a separate location to ensure social distancing measures between ourselves and our good friends at ODM. Therefore items may arrive at different times, a day give or take. 

OVER 18’s ONLY! 

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