Slim Jim's X Slackjaw Apparel

October 20, 2016

We're at it again with another big messy party!!! We've teamed up with our good frineds at the best dive bar in London, Slim Jim's Liquor store to bring you 'The Dirty Devil's Ball(s) 2! 

Usual line up of Free entry, live music, DJ David Mortal bringing us into the early hours with the likes of ZZ top, Roling Stones, The Doors, thin Lizzy and all that good stuff! 

In Addtion to that, we got our own cocktail available 'The Twitcher' which last time went down a treat and will getting you some drunk! 

WANT MORE!? We'll be giving out FREE shots of our sponsership rum, Ron De Jeremey on entry too! Oh and we have a prize to giveaway of corse...