Monday Bad Medicine Club - Week #2

February 27, 2017

This week, we're getting stuck into some 'Apple Pie Bourbon Sweet Tea'! It's smooth and strong! Great for a Monday wind down! Here's what ya need:

- Half a cup of tea
- White sugar
- Half a lemon
- Bourbon
- Cinnamon sticks 

- 1 x Apple

This one's pretty easy with minimal ingredients!

1) First off, make half a cup of tea and throw in 3 x teaspoons of sugar and mix well!

2) Wait for the tea to cool down for 5 mins then add it to a cocktail shaker or medium size beaker.

3) Add three tablespoons of lemon juice to the beaker also. (We squeezed it into the spoon from the lemon to get the measurement. 

4) Now add three tablespoons of Bourbon ( We used Jim Beam )

5) Add a bunch of crushed ice as much as desired and shake well, fill a 10oz glass with ice also and pour that liquid gold on! 

Finally, put a cinnamon stick in your glass and slice an apple in there too, its worth it!

Sit back n' sip back! Enjoy! 


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